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About CARDANO Eco-System

About CARDANO Eco-System

A decentralized network system fully-utilizing Blockchain in every aspect, aims at solving current difficulties faced by key cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, preventing from frauds and money-laundering, ID management and being a mediator with taxing/administrative system in various countries.
In this network system, Blockchain is used for managing development and release of game applications, players matching, game fairness and payment function.
This decentralized network settles the existing tasks between owners and players, or platform and developers. Avoiding online criminals and money-laundering to assure fairness.
Under this assurance, number of cryptocurrency users in mobile environment and games’ popularity are raised sharply, promoting the evolution of Crypto-economy into a new century.


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ImpactsHow it looks

3 Factors in CARDANO which impact Crypto-economy


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Features of CARDANO Online Platform

SMART CONTRACT to Settle Payment and Contract on the Internet

This will automate all kinds of contract and P2P and the Blockchain Technology sustain equality by recording the contents of all contract and disclosing these to the users.

SDK, Application Tool to Enable Simple Game Development

CARDANO SDK allows not only major game makers but also individuals to develop games and operate them on the CARDANO platform.

ORACLE to Realize “Transparency, Fairness and Trust"

The Oracle system provides mainly the information of Market Forecast. It’s a server to tell you the truth happening in the real world and also recruits information providers from every different sources to prevent House from manipulating game odds.

P2P, Realizes Direct Game Playing between Game Owners and Players with no Central Institution

A P2P network connects game owners and players immediately. It lowers a fee and provides an equal and safe space by connecting them directly.


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What is ADA?

What is ADA?

ADA will function as a key currency on the CARDANO gaming platform.
By utilizing Consensus Algorithm with Proof of Stake, it will realize far more sustainable Cryptocurrency than Proof of Work, with lower cost. Since Proof of Work consumes a huge amount of electricity and costly hardware to maintain a network, it wouldn’t be the best option for developing countries with low smartphone possession rates.
Proof of Stake which can be maintained with just a little electricity to activate your wallet will provide an equal network for users in developing countries. Also, Universal Wallet under development will enable the immediate conversion into all kinds of digital tokens including ADA. By just holding Cryptocurrencies such as ADA and Bitcoin in Universal Wallet, borderless transactions will become available.


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Features of CARDANO


As you might expect from the words “Crypto” and “Currency”, it’s a currency utilizing cryptography to implement robust security. Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency appeared in 2009 and now a variety of Cryptocurrencies have been developed and distributed for many purposes. You can track the history of all data transactions so the information is open to all Cryptocurrency users. This will also help prevent any illicit minting.


A distributed application architecture that connects equally privileged peers and shares resources among each other. The system where forms a peer-to-peer network of nodes and enables the direct exchange of voice and other data files has been practically implemented. A variety of services such as voice call, Instant Messenger and exchanging a file among an unspecified large number of anonymous users utilizing P2P will become available, depending on the type of data and participation.


Smart Contract is a protocol to perform contract quickly and appropriately. Simply put, it’s “Contract of Self-enforcement”. This uses a method called “Multisig” in the interaction with P2P/Peer-to-Peer (e.g. If Mr. A decided to send a certain amount of value to Mr. B, the transaction will require the approval of a third party, Mr. C. This will prevent illicit transactions and also strengthen its security).


ORACLE is a service server that brings accurate information proved in the real world onto Blockchain and it’s indispensable to actually perform Smart Contract. A contract will be performed for the first time only when the accurate information is reflected in Blockchain. For your information, there is no relation between this to Oracle Database by Oracle Corporation in the U.S.

SDK, Application Tool to Enable Simple Game Development

CARDANO SDK allows not only major game makers but also individuals to develop games and operate them on the CARDANO platform.

Application Layer

Game application will be activated in the Application Layer. The application consists of general web application file systems, such as HTML5, javaScript, CSS and also CARDANO Script File and Game Manifest File.


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COMPANY Basic information about the company

Company Info

CGG Limited
Millennium House, Victoria Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 4RW